Controversial pictures of Ghislaine Maxwell published by New York Post

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice has allegedly finally shown her face.

Several pictures of Ghislaine Maxwell appeared in the New York Post, but those photos are now surrounded by controversy.

Staged Pictures

According to the report, the pictures of Maxwell were taken at a California In-n-Out Burger. However, these were not believed to be random photos but rather staged photos of the embattled Epstein associate.

We can only assume the purpose of the photos is to make Maxwell appear “normal” rather than the predator she actually seems to be.

One photo had Maxwell posing with a dog, which is apparently the pooch of one of her friends. A second picture showed Maxwell staring in deadpan fashion directly into the camera, apparently meant to portray her as looking up from her book.

Initially, the photos were reportedly taken by another diner at the restaurant. The New York Post story stated the man had approached her and asked her, “Are you who I think you are?”

The Daily Mail, however, is reporting the photos were staged by Leah Saffian, Maxwell’s close friend and attorney.  There were two things leading to this assumption.

First, the pictures that were taken were tagged with “Meadowgate,” which denotes that the photo belongs to Meadowgate Media Investments. According to public records, Saffian is the president of the company. Secondly, the dog in the photo appears to be Saffian’s dog.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Authorities have been reportedly trying to find Maxwell to bring her in for questioning regarding Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking activities.

Since a current lawsuit names Maxwell as a type of recruiter for Epstein, authorities will also dig deep into what role Maxwell played in Epstein’s human trafficking scheme.

To this point, Maxwell has denied any knowledge or involvement with his activities. Even though Maxwell was reportedly abroad, the photos would leave us to believe she is either back in the country or that she never left.

Regardless, it is time for the police to round her up and get some answers.

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