Ghislaine Maxwell health emergency story a hoax

Ever since Jeffrey Epstein was taken into custody, his second-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been a person of interest.

Last week, stories started to circulate that Maxwell may be dead — but it turns out, the entire narrative was a complete hoax.

The Origins of the Hoax

From the reports we have seen, the hoax originated earlier this month when a tweet went out with a picture of an alleged tweet from the Daily Beast.

The headline of the story was “Epstein Partner Ghislaine Maxwell Found Unresponsive.”

The story was dated July 8, 2019. The image in the original tweet was blurry and looked photoshopped.

Additionally, the tweet did not actually link to a story on The Daily Beast. If you do a search on The Daily Beast website, there is no such story. This was clearly a hoax perpetrated by a conspiracy theorist.

Where Is Maxwell?

Maxwell is rumored to have been Epstein’s madam of sorts. According to numerous reports, she was the one who lured many of the girls into service for Epstein.

In a recent lawsuit, the alleged victim specifically names her as the person that approached her at Mar-a-Lago to recruit her for Epstein.

By all accounts, President Trump had no knowledge this was occurring, however, Epstein was eventually banned from the club by Trump.

Authorities have stated they want to talk to Maxwell, but they are apparently unable to locate her at this time.

Some believe she is living abroad, but she has remained under the radar since Epstein was taken into custody.

If and when authorities are able to locate her, she will no doubt hold the key to taking down several prominent members of the Democrat party, as Maxwell surely possesses intimate knowledge of the goings-on at Epstein’s private island.

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