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Readers routinely describe WND’s popular monthly Whistleblower magazine using phrases like “a light in a dark world,” “a breath of fresh air” and “dead-on and razor-sharp.” Talk radio hall-of-famer Barry Farber even called it “incredibly brilliant.” However … it also costs money to subscribe – and many people, especially in today’s era of Bidenflation, are reluctant to risk the subscription cost or even the single-copy price to try it out.

But how about this? Right now, to introduce more people to Whistleblower, WND readers can get FOUR sensational Whistleblower issues in the state-of-the-art digital edition – including the current all-important midterm election issue – all for a grand total of $1.

That’s right – $1. And if after 30 days of enjoying these four power-packed issues, you decide you want to subscribe and get the next 12 monthly issues coming to you, we’ll charge your credit or debit card for the discounted annual subscription price of just $24.95. And if you decide not to subscribe, just let us know by phone or email and you won’t be charged anything (see details below). So there’s no risk – none.

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Long relied on by thousands of WND readers, Whistleblower provides some of the best, smartest and deepest insights into a nation, culture, and, the world spinning totally out of control. At a time when one major political party has essentially gone mad – openly championing policies that are not merely insane, but suicidal – and yet most of the news media wildly cheerlead these ever-more-extreme progressive mass delusions, Whistleblower is one of the very few places to get a large and reviving dose of rare truth, insight and solutions every month. Subscriptions also provide essential financial support to WND, the pioneering online news organization under brutal assault from many directions, especially from today’s far-left Big Tech internet gatekeepers.

So here’s the deal: As soon as you place your order for only $1, we will immediately email you the digital editions of the current (September) issue, “STOPPING THE MADNESS: A MIDTERM ELECTION GUIDE FOR VOTERS WHO LOVE AMERICA” – as well as our most recent three issues, all on electrifying topics no one else covers like Whistleblower.

Specifically, you’ll immediately receive these four power-packed digital Whistleblower editions:

“STOPPING THE MADNESS: A MIDTERM ELECTION GUIDE FOR VOTERS WHO LOVE AMERICA.” With what has been called the “Sovietization” of the Biden administration – including the shocking criminalization of dissent and massive weaponization of the FBI against political opponents – America is being increasingly compared to a third-world or communist dictatorship. Yet America still has one sacred institution that dictatorships from Zimbabwe to communist China don’t have: ELECTIONS. And in reality, there is no reason, despite the regime’s all-out efforts at election rigging, that the tens of millions of decent, right-thinking American voters cannot stop the Biden administration’s ever-expanding madness this November. This Whistleblower issue insightfully covers the most electrifying and important races, illuminates the biggest issues, reveals how the latest federal takeover of elections actually violates the law, and much more.

“NEWSPEAK 2022: How tyrants and lunatics are enslaving Americans by redefining everything.” How is it possible that the greatest and freest nation in world history has so rapidly come under the control of serially lying, deranged, power-mad sociopaths – leaders with nothing but contempt for America, for its history, its Constitution, its Judeo-Christian culture, and, its people? Orwell’s “1984” points directly to the answer: The elites are changing America’s language itself, so that people’s words – and therefore, their very thoughts – inevitably come under the control of the ruling class. Thus illusion comes to be seen as true, while the reality is seen as lies, misinformation, “hate speech,” “conspiracy theories” and “extremism.” This extraordinarily powerful but little-understood weapon of war employed 24/7 by the Marxist left is completely explained, exposed, and exploded in this groundbreaking Whistleblower issue.

“WHAT’S REALLY BEHIND THE TRANSGENDER CRAZE?” During the Biden era of rapidly metastasizing madness, the greatest madness of all may be today’s shockingly widespread campaign to indoctrinate, seduce, groom, and flat-out RECRUIT America’s children into the dark world of transgenderism. Untold numbers of innocent American kids are being led into lives of not just unending conflict, confusion, suffering, deformity, and disability, but far too often – as multiple studies prove – suicide. The whole unbelievable story – including the underlying reasons, almost entirely unreported elsewhere, for what amounts to the most massive child sexual abuse campaign in American history – is explored as never before in this special Whistleblower edition.

“ELITES FINALLY REVEAL THEIR #1 ENEMY: CHRISTIANS.” The political, cultural, and sexual revolutionaries responsible for the chaos and madness overtaking America – from grooming innocent children into transgender hell, to “defunding the police” nationwide, to engineering a full-scale foreign invasion of America – have finally dared to “come out” and publicly identify exactly who they consider to be their biggest enemy: CHRISTIANS. That’s right. Bible-believing, traditional morals-affirming Christian believers – the kind who founded America, wrote her Constitution, and defended her with their lives for centuries – are now considered the biggest enemy threatening the future of America! This almost unbelievable trend is stunningly documented in this issue of Whistleblower.

“Unlike all other newsmagazines,” says David Kupelian, longtime WND managing editor and the driving force behind Whistleblower, “each issue of Whistleblower focuses on one topic only, from cover to cover. As a rule, the topics we cover are absolutely critical to readers’ life, health, and happiness, yet either ignored, mangled, or defiled by the establishment press.”

What top conservatives say about Whistleblower

* “[Whistleblower Editor] David Kupelian is one of the most thought-provoking and iconoclastic writers I know. Agree or disagree, David is a must-read if you really want to understand the world we live in and where it’s headed.” – Sean Hannity, host of both Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” and “The Sean Hannity Show”

* “Whistleblower is amazing. It attacks the news with an armored division, not a bb gun. Other news magazines tend to be nice selections of nice little stories, but every month Whistleblower targets one single topic that is monumentally affecting our lives and stays laser-focused on it throughout the issue. And what a fantastic and enjoyable read!” – Barry Farber, legendary radio talk show host and member of the National Radio Hall of Fame

* “The concept of ‘Bizarro America’ – a nation morphing into its opposite … BRILLIANT!” – Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger” and other top bestsellers, including most recently “The Return of the Gods”

‘I saw the pictures and read the articles. It crushed me.’

Following are representative comments from long-time Whistleblower subscribers as well as new readers, like this first one, received just last week:

* “Just got my first issue of Whistleblower Magazine and read it cover to cover. So glad to have found this. Don’t feel quite so alone. Thank you.” – Susan

* “I devour every issue of Whistleblower. It is literally a breath of fresh air.” – Dick

* “Your analysis was so dead-on and razor-sharp – the ‘quick, powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, dividing asunder, discerning thoughts and intents’ kind of sharp. I was so convicted that I couldn’t even finish the article without letting you know its God-sent timeliness.” – Sharon

* “How good it is to see the truth being published fearlessly and courageously. You and your publications are a light in a dark world and you have well earned my trust.” – Bill

* “I received my first issue of Whistleblower magazine in the mail recently. I was completely blown away!!! I had no idea that there was a magazine out there with the same concerns that I have.” – Stephanie

* “I read your issue on abortion and can only tell you that it has changed my life. I’m a conservative Christian woman but have always opted to believe that each of us is responsible for our own lives and relationship with God and that projecting our beliefs on each other isn’t a loving, understanding way to live. Then I saw the pictures and read the articles. It crushed me. For the first time in my life, I will feel no compunction in openly disagreeing with those in favor of abortion rights. Thank you for this powerful information.” – Kathy

* “Your understanding and perception have amazed me.” – Ron

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