German leader Angela Merkel could soon be ousted over immigration crisis

One of the world’s most powerful voices in favor of immigrants could soon be ousted.

According to several reports, German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be ousted from office within the next week.

German Crisis

Germany, like many other European countries, is having a serious migration problem.

The borders are porous, creating problems on many different levels.

While the largest challenge facing the United States is undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Germany faces a much different challenge.

Migrants from several Middle Eastern countries are pouring into the country.

With them comes the danger of terrorism as well as in influx in communities adhering to Sharia law, a strict code of conduct followed by some Muslims.

Community Clash

When these communities become saturated with Muslims, they are faced with significant challenges.

One challenge is how women are treated in one culture versus the other.

The second, of course, is how some Muslims treat Christians, who are considered infidels by some sects of the Islamic religion.

Sadly, these disagreements often end up in violence rather than discussion, as we have seen on the nightly news far too many times.

Merkel’s Problems

With the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, migrant issues in many other countries have become the focal point of the powers that be.

Merkel has been very vocally supportive of migrants, something that is not going over well with other politicos in her country.

Merkel has been openly feuding with Horst Seehofer, who adamantly opposes Merkel’s migration stance.

Insiders report that these problems could result in change, and very soon.

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German MP Kai Whitaker, when asked what he thinks will happen, said: “Probably a new Chancellor.”

If that happens, the ripples will truly be felt around the world in how open border policies are perceived.

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