Geraldo Rivera slams Trump administration over ICE raids

Earlier this week, ICE raided several agricultural facilities in Mississippi and made 680 arrests.

After the raids took place, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera came out and absolutely blasted the Trump administration, stating these raids did nothing but unnecessarily “sow terror.”

The Raids

Raids such at this are highly organized events. The planning stages alone probably cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

It just happened to be an odd coincidence in timing that the shootings occurred only days before these raids were scheduled to take place.

The raids themselves occurred throughout Mississippi, raiding processing plants known to employ illegal immigrants. When all was said and done, almost 700 illegal immigrants had found and apprehended.

Another Bogus Narrative

There has been ample bogus reporting on these raids and what took place. The media, for instance, concentrated on the family separations and children crying as their parents were whisked away.

What really happened, though, was ICE had people and assets in place to care for these children. The agency also processed anyone that had a child present at the daycare or in school that needed to be picked up very rapidly so they could take care of their children.

In reality, almost half of the illegal immigrants were processed and released shortly after their apprehension, with a court date in hand for their immigration hearing.

Even so, Gerald Rivera ripped the operation….

Rivera may be outraged, but his tweets are completely off-base. First and foremost, these jobs belong to legal residents or citizens, not illegal immigrants. Secondly, law-abiding immigrants have nothing to fear.

If a U.S. citizen shoplifts something that costs $100 and is arrested and spends time in jail, is he or she not separated from his or her child? Why is there no outrage then?

We don’t get to choose which laws are and are not enforced — you simply follow them, and you don’t have to worry about being cuffed and taken to prison in front of your children.

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