Georgia state senator says she was singled out for her race, gender after being arrested at protest

Georgia State Sen. Nikema Williams was arrested last week during a protest over the results of her state’s elections — and now, she says she knows why.

Although she and other protesters were breaking the law by being “loud, threatening,” or using “abusive language” while the state legislature was in session, Williams alleges that she was singled out and arrested because she is a black, female Democrat senator.

Yes, really.

The Narrative

As we already know, Democrats will take any and every opportunity to throw out the race card.

And when they get to add in personal persecution over gender, it makes it even better.

Williams said that while there was a white male congressman also at the protest, he was not arrested.

Something she failed to discuss, though, was how he was behaving compared to how Williams was behaving during the protest.

When reports were first received, authorities stated those that were arrested were detained because they were loud and disruptive, disturbing the legislative session.

This is something prohibited by law.

Still, on her arrest, Williams said: “There are countless Georgians who cast their ballots and still don’t feel like their voices are heard.

“I joined them down on the floor, and I was signaled out as a black female Senator standing the rotunda with constituents,” she noted.

But her story doesn’t exactly add up.

There were plenty of other black women, black men, white women, and white men at the protest — but only those breaking the law, like Williams, were arrested.

Pushing the Narrative

Still, Georgia State Rep. David Dreyer is standing by Williams.

“Because of our system, because of the bias and the way our laws and enforced, just like I went down with Senator Williams to try to de-escalate the situation, Senator Williams was taken away,” he said.

But while Dreyer may have tried to de-escalate the situation, Williams was clearly joining in on the protest.

Dreyer is flat-out lying to push the racist narrative being touted by Williams.

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People voted. Their votes were counted. A Republican won. But according to Democrats: “This is not democracy.”

Everyone thought the hysterics in politics might die down after the 2016 presidential election, but Democrats have now made it clear that the only election results they will support are the elections where their own party members win.


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