Georgia Republican splits with oncologist wife amid allegations of inappropriate conduct

 May 20, 2024
Amid a flurry of personal and professional controversies, Georgia Republican Representative Rich McCormick has filed for divorce from his wife of over a decade, Dr. Debra Miller, the Daily Mail reported.After twelve years of marriage, Georgia Representative Rich McCormick has filed for divorce following alleged inappropriate interactions with a colleague.

Rep. McCormick, currently serving his first term in Congress, submitted the divorce papers on May 3, amidst growing questions about his behavior with a fellow House member.

McCormick and Miller, who have been married since August 16, 2011, share seven children and reside in Suwanee, Georgia. This marks the congressman's second marriage.

Restraining Order Implemented Amidst Divorce Proceedings

As reported by, the divorce filing was accompanied by a mutual restraining order, typical in divorce cases to prevent any potential domestic issues.

This legal action comes less than two years into McCormick's congressional career, which began after his election in January 2023.

McCormick previously made headlines for his political activities, including authoring a notable censure resolution against another representative.

Allegations of Impropriety on the House Floor

Capitol insiders have noted McCormick's overly friendly demeanor with Rep. Beth Van Duyne, a Texas Republican. Observations of their interactions raised eyebrows among colleagues and the public alike.

Details provided by one GOP member and two other eyewitnesses mention occasions where McCormick and Van Duyne were seen holding hands, including during official events such as the State of the Union address.

In one specific incident, McCormick was seen squeezing Van Duyne's arm during the televised speech, signaling a level of familiarity that sparked rumors and speculation.

Ex-Wife's Cryptic Response to Divorce Inquiry

When questioned about the reasoning behind the divorce, Dr. Miller provided a cryptic and suggestive reply. She indicated that McCormick might not fully disclose the circumstances leading to their separation.

"I'm sure that he will not be forthcoming," Miller texted, hinting at deeper issues within their marital relationship that might have led to the divorce.

This response has fueled further speculation about the underlying reasons for their separation, particularly concerning McCormick's conduct with his colleague.

The office of Rep. Van Duyne opted to remain silent when approached for comments on the interactions with McCormick.

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