Georgia prosecutor in trouble for fundraising for opponent of investigation target

A judge overseeing a special grand jury investigating Georgia’s 2020 election has scolded the prosecutor for participating in a fundraiser for a political opponent of one of his investigation “targets.”

“It’s a ‘what are you thinking’ moment,” Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney told DA Fani Willis.

According to the Washington Examiner the issue is that Willis helped out with a fundraiser for Democratic lieutenant governor hopeful Charlie Bailey in June.

Bailey is a rival to Republican Burt Jones, who has been informed he is a criminal target of the Fulton County district attorney’s investigation.

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The judge’s final decision is yet to come, but he could order the prosecutor removed from the case.

“I don’t know that it’s an actual conflict, but … it’s a ‘what are you thinking’ moment,” the judge said.

“If we’re trying to maintain confidence that this investigation is pursuing facts in a nonpartisan sense … that strikes me as problematic.”

The Examiner explained, “Lawyers for Jones reportedly claimed the June fundraiser Willis attended reaped $32,000 for his Democratic rival and implored the judge to order the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to appoint another prosecutor to the case to question him. They were in court Thursday for a hearing on a motion filed to disqualify Willis over the fundraiser.”

The judge pointed out it wasn’t a situation of a minor appearance or conflict.

“It’s like a capital ‘A’ with flashy lights fundraiser with the district attorney for the political opponent of someone I’ve named a target of my investigation, where I’m the legal adviser to the grand jury, and I’m on national media almost nightly talking about this investigation,” he said. That’s, he said, a problem.

The report said Jones, during the chaos following the 2020 election when much evidence of suspicious activity turned up, went to a meeting where 16 Georgia Republicans were deemed alternative electors – should the vote count show that the Democrat, Joe Biden, really didn’t win.

Those Republicans have said, essentially, they were unaware of any plan to “misuse” their votes.

Willis started investigating amid the Democrats’ nationwide assault on President Trump’s doubts about the election’s integrity. It’s focusing on Trump’s call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger urging him to find votes sufficient to defeat Biden.

What is known about the election now is that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg handed out hundreds of millions of dollars – outside any campaign spending regulations – to help local officials “run” the election. They mostly used that money for Democrat get-out-the vote schemes.

Further, legacy and social media worked together just before the election to conceal accurate and very damaging reporting about the Biden family cartel’s international business schemes, which apparently benefited Joe Biden himself.

Analysts said either of those two factors alone could have change the results of the election from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.