Georgia judge removed from the bench following police altercation

 June 27, 2024

A county judge in Atlanta, Georgia was removed from the bench by the state's Supreme Court following her felony arrest for assaulting a police officer.

The recommendation to remove Douglas County probate judge Christina Peterson, 38, was actually made before she was arrested last week for striking an officer outside a nightclub.

The Supreme Court accepted the recommendation to disbar her for "systemic incompetence" after an unrelated investigation into judicial misconduct.

Disgraced judge removed

In one instance, Peterson sentenced a woman to prison for seeking an "innocent" correction to her marriage certificate. Peterson imposed the maximum punishment of 20 days and a fine without any explanation.

It was part of a pattern for the judge, who demonstrated a "flagrant disregard for the law, court rules, and judicial conduct rules."

The investigation also discovered that she let unauthorized people into the court after hours and had others work overtime on her behalf. She was found guilty on 28 different counts of misconduct, leading the Supreme Court to conclude she lacked the temperament for her job.

"Accordingly, it is ordered that Judge Christina Peterson of the Douglas County Probate Court be removed from office, effective upon the date of this opinion," the Supreme Court wrote.

Judge defiant after arrest, removal

The judge became more widely known last week when she was hauled into the back of a police car for hitting a cop. She was charged with simple battery against a police officer and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Peterson has said she was being a Good Samaritan to a woman who was being attacked at Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge in Atlanta.

The police bodycam video tells a different story, in which Peterson - who was reportedly drunk at the time - became aggressive with a cop and security guard who were escorting the other woman.

“Let her f–cking go, let her f–cking go,” Peterson shouted.

Peterson hit the cop twice in the chest and refused to identify herself to police once handcuffed.

“You don’t need an identification,” she said. “You have picked up dead bodies when you don’t know who bodies it was, but you picked them up. Take me where you need to take me.”

The judge, who was elected in 2020, is now barred from working as a judge for the next seven years.

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