George Strait heartbroken over death of longtime drummer

Country music fans are joining George Strait in mourning this week.

Drummer Michael Kennedy sadly died in a driving accident on Friday.

The Crash

Kennedy, 59, was killed while when his SUV collided with a tractor-trailer.

According to reports, Kennedy was merging into another lane when he hit the truck.

While he was not wearing a seatbelt, investigators stated it would not have mattered due to the violent nature of the crash.

Kennedy was the only person killed in the accident.

Ace in the Hole

The Ace in the Hole band officially formed in 1975 but existed before that as the Stoney Ridge band.

After several members of the band left in 1975, George Strait answered an ad and was quickly designated as the front man for the band.

Soon thereafter, Stoney Ridge was reborn as the Ace in the Hole Band.

At first, the band was nothing more than a local favorite, performing regularly in San Marcos, TX.

By the mid-1980s, however, Strait was becoming more popular and the band would start touring worldwide with Strait as its front man.

During that time, the band worked its way through several drummers.

Eventually, the band settled on Kennedy, who had been performing with Strait for almost three decades when he died.

More Than a Drummer

Obviously, when you perform with a group of people for that long, very strong friendships are formed.

After word of his death got out, the entire band was shocked and in mourning.

The production manager for George Strait productions, Paul Rogers, summed it up best.

Rogers stated, “The heart beat of our band is gone.”

Strait also commented on the loss, obviously shaken.

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“A part of us is gone forever. We all loved Mike and will miss him terribly,” Strait stated.

RIP Mr. Kennedy… country music fans will miss you dearly.

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