George Soros warns against ‘masters of the universe’ Facebook, Google

During a speech at the World Economic Forum, liberal billionaire George Soros echoed terminology used by Breitbart News, a conservative media outlet that often covers Soros negatively.

Soros put the tag of “masters of the universe” on tech giants as he condemned Facebook and Google’s exploitative and monopolistic behavior.

The term “masters of the universe” as applied to tech giants is regularly used by Breitbart News, which tracks news related to Facebook and other tech companies on a page with that name.

“Masters of the Universe”

In a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos last year, Soros stated, “But as Facebook and Google have grown into ever more powerful monopolies, they have become obstacles to innovation, and they have caused a variety of problems of which we are only now beginning to become aware.”

“Companies earn their profits by exploiting their environment,” he said. “Mining and oil companies exploit the physical environment; social media companies exploit the social environment.”

Soros has a had a war going on with mining and oil companies for what seems like forever. He has long backed “green” energy, ensuring his investment portfolio continues to climb.

“The owners of the platform giants consider themselves to be masters of the universe, but in fact they are slaves to preserving their dominant position.
It is only a matter of time before the global dominance of the US IT monopolies is broken,” Soros announced.

“Davos is a good place to announce their days are numbered,” Soros threatened. “Regulation and taxation will be their undoing and EU Competition Commissioner Vestager will be their nemesis.”

Facebook struggles

Before Facebook made massive algorithm changes, alt-media sources were considered both a news and trusted site if fans had liked the page. After all, if someone liked a page, it is safe assumption they want to see the content.

When Facebook changed its algorithm, though, alt-media basically died on the platform.

Sites with millions of fans had a stranglehold put on their circulation, barely reaching one percent of the fans on the page.

That left conservatives fuming at Facebook’s heavy-handed decision-making. But the left is also pressuring Facebook to implement more stringent controls against “hate speech” and “fake news.” And users all over the political spectrum were furious at learning of Facebook’s continuing privacy problems.

A new, extensive report from WIRED magazine, titled “15 MONTHS OF FRESH HELL INSIDE FACEBOOK,” details the challenges faced by the social media giant as it attempts to move on. But with Soros against them, moving forward may be even more difficult.

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