George Soros substantially increases funding to court packing group

The Washington Free Beacon reports that far-left billionaire George Soros has significantly increased the funding that he has been giving to the group Demand Justice. 

In fact, Soros, according to the outlet, has nearly doubled the funding that he had been giving to Demand Justice.

The outlet reports, “Demand Justice raked in $4.5 million from Soros’s Open Society Foundations to ‘support policy advocacy on court reform,’ 2021 fiscal year tax filings show.”

“That’s nearly double the $2.5 million Soros gave the group in 2018, when it formed to oppose Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation,” the outlet adds.


Calls to pack the Supreme Court ramped up after former President Donald Trump got the opportunity to add three justices to the court, giving the court a conservative justice majority of 5-4 or 6-3 depending on where one places Chief Justice John Roberts.

Activists, in particular, have floated the idea of adding four justices to the Supreme Court. This would allow President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate to put four liberal justices on the court, returning the majority to the liberals.

To the Democrats’ dismay, however, the idea has proved to be unpopular. Accordingly, many Democrats have simply moved away from the idea altogether – or at least put it on the back burner, where the public can’t see it.

That’s not the case with Demand Justice, however. Demand Justice continues to push court packing, and Soros, as demonstrated, continues to make sure that the group has the funding to do so.

Demand Justice

For those unfamiliar with Demand Justice, it is a leftwing activist group whose primary goal is to pack the U.S. Supreme Court. The group has been one of the most vocal proponents of this idea.

“The Supreme Court has been captured by partisan, Republican interests,” the group’s website reads. “We need structural court reform to depoliticize the Court once and for all.”

The group, however, has done much more than just this. It, for example, has encouraged the so-called protesting of conservative Supreme Court justices, particularly following the court’s pro-Second Amendment and anti-abortion rulings last year. The group even referred to the unprecedented leak of the court’s draft ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization as a “good” thing.

Demand Justice also supported the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer so that he can be replaced by liberal Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Soros’s attack

Demand Justice is only a small part of Soros’s effort to use his billions to reform America’s judicial system, turning it into a system that is favorable both to criminals and to Democrats. Soros, for example, has also supported the defund the police movement, and he has helped to get elected several prosecutors who seem to have as their goal anything but making America a safer place to live.

It’s not a stretch to say that Soros is leading an all-out attack on America’s judiciary.

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