George Soros’ PAC pulls out of San Diego district attorney race

Is there finally a chink in the armor of George Soros?

After putting out misleading ads, Soros’ political action committee has withdrawn its support in the San Diego District Attorney’s race.

No Race Too Small

To those that think Soros only dabbles in big politics, this race is proof Soros is trying to infect our country at its most basic levels.

Soros established a PAC, the California Justice & Public Safety PAC, to back a far-left public defender, Genevieve Jones-Wright, in the DA race.

The organization put out an ad against her opponent, DA Summer Stephan, criticizing how slowly the DA’s office was processing rape kits.

The only problem was the ad was misleading and completely false.

After coming under public pressure, the PAC has taken Soros’ $1.5 million and its support for the radical liberal out of the race entirely.

Uh Oh

This is what we like to refer to as the “Uh Oh” moment for Jones-Wright.

She more or less put all of her eggs in one basket when Soros came aboard.

Like his other puppets, she figured Soros’ deep pockets would push her right through to win the election.

While Soros has backed off, Jones-Wright does still have the support of Shaun King, a “journalist” and major Black Lives Matter supporter.

King, though, as you may recall, was behind the slanderous attacks against a Texas state trooper after he was wrongfully accused of assaulting a black woman.

Those allegations were proven to be 100% false after body cam footage was revealed.

While King himself, nor the woman accuser, ever apologized to the officer, the woman’s attorney at least had the courage to stand up in public and apologize for the erroneous charges made against the trooper.

All Eyes On

Soros’ involvement in this race is not an aberration, either.

The megadonor has managed to fly under the radar in several DA races throughout our country.

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Soros has also backed candidates in states such as Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Sadly, and mostly because of Soros’ deep pockets and deceptive advertising, his candidates have been winning more than losing.

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