George Soros hands empire over to his son

June 12, 2023
Robert Ayers

The Wall Street Journal reports that liberal billionaire George Soros "is handing control of his $25 billion empire" to his son Alexander Soros. 

George Soros is well-known for his meddling in politics, directing - via his non-profit Open Society Foundations (OSF) - about $1.5 billion every year to far-left causes in America and around the world.

George Soros has also used his super PAC - Democracy PAC - to support the campaigns of leftist politicians and district attorneys, such as Alvin Bragg, the notorious Manhattan district attorney who has indicted former President Donald Trump on what many legal experts believe to be bogus charges.

So, the question is: with Alexander Soros taking over for his father are these sorts of things going to stop or continue?

"I'm more political"

It appears that Alexander Soros will carry on his father's legacy of using money to influence global politics. In fact, it is not outside the realm of possibility that Alexander Soros might just be worse than his father.

Alexander Soros told the Journal, "I'm more political," when he was asked to compare himself to his father. As such, he said that he intends on broadening his father's leftist pursuits.

George Soros told the Journal that, in terms of such things as voting rights, gender equity, and abortion rights, he and his son Alexander "think alike."

But, one thing that Alexander Soros did say is that, as opposed to many on the left, he is in favor of free speech, noting that he "grew up watching Bill Maher before bed."

It is also worth noting that Alexander Soros has already been interjecting himself into American politics. He has visited the White House 17 times in about a year and, as demonstrated on his social media accounts, he has met with numerous left-wing politicians, including Vice President Kamala Harris.

"He's earned it"

Alexander Soros was recently elected chairman of OSF, and, as such, he has been directly Democracy PAC's political activity.

Alexander Soros is also the only Soros to be a member of the investment committee that oversees Soros Fund Management.

A spokesperson for George Soros has indicated that most of Soros's $25 billion empire will go to OSF in the upcoming years. Also, about $125 million is expected to go to Democracy PAC.

Alexander Soros told the Journal, "As much as I would love to get money out of politics, as long as the other side is doing it, we will have to do it, too."

George Soros said of Alexander Soros that "he's earned" his empire. It was previously thought that the empire would go to Jonathan Soros - Alexander's elder half-brother. But, it has been reported that there was a falling out between George Soros and Jonathan Soros.

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