Soros-funded protests highlight the real climate tragedy

The latest “climate crisis” protests have shifted from spontaneous to coordinated events, and globalist George Soros is a major backer, throwing millions of dollars into the leftist climate agenda.

The recent protests are a tragic manifestation of the rottenness at the heart of the climate change movement — from exploiting children to appropriating the imagery of lynching. These are the symbols of a sick culture.

Pure fear-mongering

Climate protestors in Germany stood on iceblocks with nooses around their necks to protest climate change.

The American Psychological Association released a 69-page report detailing ties between climate change and mental health issues.

People affected by natural disasters will see a suicide spike. This expected outcome is amplified by misinformation and hysteria.

But instead of hurricane survivors seeing a higher suicide rate, we see this effect in people who are unaffected by natural disasters.

A lawyer in Brooklyn, New York set himself on fire in a hope to galvanize action on climate change. This story should galvanize people to stand up and demand an end to hysteria and the fake news that surrounds the climate change movement.

A child in Manchester, England is rumored to have committed suicide over fears about climate change. Greta Thunberg herself suffered from severe depression related to worries about climate change.

This will only become more of a problem. Children are being traumatized and mental illness is on the rise all in the name of a leftist agenda.

Soros funds climate agenda

George Soros is funding a hysterical movement that is giving children depression and manipulating them to espouse an agenda they don’t understand.

Soros gave 24 million to partners in the Global Climate Strike, which is largely responsible for organizing the climate protests all over the world.

This is an awful and despicable thing. George Soros needs to be exposed for the agenda he is willing to push, no matter the cost.

Let’s hope that sanity will prevail before more children are victimized by the doomsday fearmongering from leftist radicals. This is truly the tragedy of our day.

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