Report: George Soros donates millions to ballot initiatives in states across the US

Is it time for the government to start cracking down on foreign donations to specific states?

According to one report, a network of moneymen — including the likes of George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg — is throwing money around to influence state ballot initiatives, including in states where they do not reside.

Buying Influence

Just how fair is it for billionaires to decide what is on the ballot in states where they don’t reside? That is the question at hand right now.

In this case, several ballot initiatives were influenced by huge donations from George Soros and the like.

The problem, as we see it, is they are often targeting areas where their financial influence is making a huge difference.

For instance, Tom Steyer lives in California, but he spent more than $10 million for energy initiatives in Arizona and Nevada.

Soros donated more than $5 million for initiatives in more than six states.

For example, he spent $500,000 opposing voter ID laws in North Carolina.

He spent a similar amount in Missouri on campaign finance initiatives.

Soros also spent $1.5 million in Ohio to reduce drug felonies and change drug laws.

Is It Any Different?

There is little argument these days that Russians tried to influence the 2016 election by buying specific ads in specific states.

But if liberals were so outraged by that, then why is there no outrage over these massive donations by liberals to influence laws in states where they do not live?

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What exactly gives someone like George Soros the right to influence drug laws and convictions in the state of Ohio?

The answer: nothing.

These atrocities should be put to an end.

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