Romanian leader hints George Soros tried to assassinate him

As it turns out, we are not the only ones to view George Soros with suspicion.

Liviu Dragnea, who is the leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in Romania, suggested that Soros tried to have him assassinated last year.


During a recent interview, Dragnea said there was a period last year when he believed four men were keeping a very close eye on him.

In April 2017, he started to notice four foreigners watching his every move.

While he said they “got close to him,” their plan was apparently foiled.

Dragnea was being rather coy about the entire incident, but it was obvious he felt threatened by their presence.

Also, he left little doubt about the person bankrolling the four men.

When asked who he thought was behind the alleged stalking, he stated, “a very famous person in the world.”

When asked specifically if he thought that person to be Soros, he stated cryptically, “I am not thinking of him, he is thinking of me.”

What Soros Does

If true, this would be atypical behavior for Soros.

Romania seems to be of particular interest to Soros.

Last year, Dragnea made the claim Soros was behind corruption allegations being levied against him in the media.

He is currently appealing a sentence he received over the corruption charges.

Dragnea has also been linked to voter fraud, which is why he was unable to be nominated for Prime Minister in 2016.

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Is this a desperate plea by a man trying to regain a grip on the political scheme? Or is there some truth in his allegations against Soros?

Based on Soros’ reputation, many would agree with the latter.

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