George Conway snipes at Kellyanne Conway over Biden tweet

While George Conway has attacked Trump at every opportunity, he has somehow managed to stay away from his wife, top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, at least until now.

After Kellyanne Conway sent out a tweet making fun of a recently resurfaced video of Joe Biden, George issued a snarky reply, openly antagonizing his wife for the first time on Twitter.

Another Biden gaffe

Kellyanne and George Conway’s marriage is baffling to some, considering George’s outspoken hatred of Trump and Kellyanne’s steadfast support and commitment to the Trump administration. However, publicly, the two have avoided attacking each other over the issue. That changed when the latest Biden gaffe came to light.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a few moments to watch. During a 2017 appearance, Biden was filmed standing amongst a crowd of young children, talking about an an experience he had duing his lifeguarding days

While that was bizarre enough, what really had people scratching their heads was when Biden began talking about how he allowed the children to play with his wet leg hair.

Of course, there is also the line about Biden loving children jumping on his lap, but that is a road we won’t travel down just yet.

As stated many times, give Biden enough rope and he will hang himself. Clearly, Trump needs no help to defeat creepy Uncle Joe.

Mr. Kellyanne Conway, however, decided it was a great opportunity to once again accuse the president of something the alleged target in the supposed quid pro quo has vehemently denied twice publicly already.

About that impeachment

Phase one of the impeachment is over, and we are now waiting for the House Intelligence Committee to review and vote on its report.

In the meantime, House Republicans issued a 123-page report to refute the impeachment effort to this point. While this jousting is going on, the House Judiciary Committee is about to launch phase two, with hearings scheduled to start on Wednesday.

Trump was invited to participate, but he declined based on the fact he will be at NATO meetings when the hearings convene as well as the burdensome stipulations that were attached to his attendance.

So, dig in patriots, because we are in for another rough ride over the next two weeks or so. Then, of course, we will await the official House vote, and if articles of impeachment do pass — though there is no guarantee that they will — the Senate trial will begin after the holidays.

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