Comedian George Lopez attacks Barron Trump on social media

There was a time when children in the first family were off-limits, but the era of common courtesy seems to be over.

Numerous liberal celebrities have taken aim at 13-year-old Barron Trump, and now comedian George Lopez can be added to that list.

See his post below:

Cheap Shot

Lopez focuses on the fact that President Trump has had several children with wives who immigrated to this country. What he seems to be forgetting, however, is that both women came to this country legally.

Therefore, none of those children can be considered ‘anchor babies’ because they were not the product of women that were looking for reasons to gain citizenship in our country.

Lopez, like virtually everyone else attacking the President on the immigration issue, is pushing the narrative that Trump is racist against Hispanics specifically, but that is simply not true.

On numerous occasions, Trump has stated he wants immigrants to come here, but he wants them to come to the country legally.

Get Your Facts Straight

Another bogus narrative Lopez is pushing is that Trump is the one responsible for the “cages” used at detention centers.

That narrative, however, leaves out the key fact that the cages were built during the Obama administration to keep unaccompanied children separated from adults by both gender and age.

It is also worth noting this policy is NOT a Trump policy but was actually put in place during the Bush administration.

Lopez is just typical of most “headline” liberals that see a story and latch onto the narrative rather than researching the actual facts of the case.

The fact he dragged Barron into his fake news attack is simply unforgivable.

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