Media reports former President George H.W. Bush is alive in Maine – just days after being released from hospital

You can’t keep a good man down.

That is the sentiment today after news of George H.W. Bush leaving the hospital and arriving safely at his Maine summer home in Kennebunkport.

Tough Times

One of the toughest things for any elderly couple to survive is the death of a spouse.

Far too many times we have seen the surviving spouse simply pack it in after their long-time spouse passes away.

Bush 41 is not only dealing with the loss of his beloved wife, but also significant health problems.

Most recently, the former president fell ill from a blood infection, which put him back in the hospital.

Better Place

It is no secret President Bush loves Kennebunkport.

To call it his “happy place” would be an understatement.

The Bush family has spent many summers there, boating, golfing, and celebrating the holidays with friends and family.

This year, however, will be much different.

It will be the first time the elder Bush is there without Barbara.

Even without Barbara, though, his close friends in the area believe Bush’s time is far from over.

Jim McGrath, spokesman for the former president, stated, “I imagine he will feel that half of him is missing for the rest of his life.”

“But, that said, there is no quit in this man. Life goes on, and for George Bush, life is to be lived with joy – especially when he is in Maine,” McGrath added.


One of the reasons Bush may have chosen to make the long journey to Maine is simply because of the closeness and love that will surround him there.

Getting out of the Texas heat for the summer is also a good idea for the 93-year-old.

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The people of Kennebunkport use words like gracious, loving, and family when they describe Bush.

While he has given so much to the people of this country during his lifetime, now it is time for everyone to give back a little and get him through this very rough time.

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