George Conway calls for Trump’s resignation over aborted Iran strike

White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway’s husband is once again going after her boss, Donald Trump, in an effort to make himself become more relevant.

After Trump called off the strike against Iran, George Conway called Trump an “idiot” for not realizing the potential loss of life until just before the strike happened.

Conway Goes Off

George Conway has proven to be one of the most obsessed individuals on the planet when it comes to President Trump.

Conway is a failing “pundit” and an especially loud armchair quarterback. He continually puts his wife’s job and their marriage in jeopardy by ranting and railing against Trump, knowing it will always attract headlines simply due to Kellyanne’s high-profile position.

This time around, Conway used the last-minute cancellation of the strike against Iran as his platform.

In addition to referring to Trump as an “idiot,” he also called the performance of the administration “amateur hour” for the last-minute revelation.

Twisting the Narrative

From what we know about the canceled strike, Trump had ordered his military officials to come up with a plan of attack.

The plan was in place and all they needed was Trump’s go-ahead to carry it out. As part of the review of the plan, Trump wanted a possible casualty report. When he found out the loss of life would be around 150 people, he reconsidered the attack.

Eventually, Trump called the attack off. He decided that the cost of the drone that Iran shot down, expensive as it was, did not warrant the deaths of more than 100 people.

Everyone is going after the timeline as though Trump were never informed of the casualties, which we can rest assured he was.

Perhaps he wanted to hear the number again to let it sink in, to reaffirm a decision that he had already made to cancel the strike. To a reasonable person, that would seem to be someone that used every second he had to weigh his response.

For Conway, that equates to amateur hour. This is a man that rides his wife’s coattails to fame, yet he dares challenge the President of the United States for careful consideration of a plan before signing off on it.

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