George Conway says Trump trial helping his campaign

By Jen Krausz on
 May 14, 2024

Staunch anti-Trump cable news contributor George Conway admitted on CNN that the New York trial of former President Donald Trump is helping his presidential campaign rather than hurting it as DA Alvin Bragg probably intended.

Conway addressed the complaint by Trump and supporters that the trial was keeping him off the campaign trail.

He pointed out that cable news was getting the word out about the trial just as much as campaign events would have.

Supporters saying how "terrible" the trial is for keeping him from campaigning are wrong, in Conway's opinion. In reality, he said, the trial may be keeping Trump focused and not saying "crazy things" that may turn voters off (though probably not).

The trial's benefit

"The politicians can point here is that ‘Oh, this is terrible says is designed to keep him off the campaign trail.’ Well, actually, if you look at it politically in my judgment, this is helping him politically in the following sense: it is keeping him from being on television saying all the crazy things, like in Wildwood the other day," he said.

"That show in Wildwood, New Jersey, I wish it had been broadcast on this network and all the other networks live so everybody could see how crazy he was,” Conway went on.

Conway is referring to Trump's Wildwood rally on Saturday, which was expected to draw around 40,000 people and may have actually had up to 100,000 attend.

Conway's handwringing is cute considering that the powers that be have all but thrown the GOP presidential nominee in the gulag.

Banana republic tactics

The funny thing is, they haven't managed to silence him or diminish his popularity despite their best attempts and some of his own actions.

The Democrat party is new to banana republic tactics, or they would know that persecuting and discriminating against a popular politician or public figure often makes them more popular, not less.

Even a conviction is likely to help Trump, since most of his supporters will likely see it as an even more blatant attempt to take him down.

Political warfare has its own rules and often does not go as its participants expect.

There may be nothing Trump's enemies--err, I mean opponents--can do to take him down at this point.

He has survived the worst they have thrown at him for the last 9 years and counting, and only seems to be getting more popular as the election gets closer, not less.

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