George Conway: Dems ‘should subpoena everyone’ related to Trump campaign, Don McGahn firm

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s husband is surely making life miserable for her.

While she works hard to defend the president, George Conway is just as busy trying to help the Democrats entrap Trump into making a move that would help impeach him.

It’s hard to imagine such a marriage holding together much longer.

Won’t Let Up

There was a time, believe it or not, that George Conway supported Donald Trump running for president. But he clearly has it out for Trump now.

George Conway is now pointing to a report that the Trump campaign is ending its relationship with Jones Day, former White House counsel Don McGahn’s law firm.

This is of importance because it is many of McGahn’s comments in the Mueller report that are drawing heat right now.

Conway suggested this is nothing more than a revenge move by Trump to punish McGahn for what he said and did during the investigation.

According to the Mueller report, it was actually McGahn who refused to follow Trump’s order to fire Robert Mueller.

George Conway argued that letting the firm go for this reason could be considered retaliation, something he believes will give Congress more ammunition in an impeachment trial.

Unnamed Sources

Conway’s source for his claim is an article that was published by Politico last week. The report, titled “Trump campaign punishes Don McGahn’s law firm” cites those infamous “unnamed sources close to the White House,” who claimed letting go of the Jones Day firm was not a cost-cutting move by the campaign.

The source alleged it was pure revenge in order to punish McGahn for cooperating with Mueller.

It is worth noting Jones Day will continue to handle litigation that is already underway, so the connection to the firm has not been completely severed.

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