General: U.S. facing bigger terror threat due to one big Biden blunder

One of the catastrophes, in addition to inflation and his southern border crisis, that Joe Biden’s presidency has brought to America has been the disastrous pullout of American troops from Afghanistan.

He left behind billions of dollars worth of American war machine for the terrorists in the Taliban, and hundreds of Americans when he brought the troops out. He also left behind likely thousands of Afghanistan natives who supported the U.S.

Now a report at Just the News warns there’s a cost coming.

The warning is from the Marine general who offered advice to Biden about the withdrawal plan, and had it rejected.,

Retired Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie said, “I think that we have very, very limited ability to see into Afghanistan right now.”

He warned the ability of the United States to thwart a terror attack from inside that country is now “gravely reduced” by inadequate intelligence.

In an interview with “Face the Nation,” he said, “I’ve said I think we’ve got certainly less than two or three percent of the intelligence capability that we had before we withdrew.”

Just the News explained he testified earlier this year to Congress that he warned Biden the Taliban would take over Afghanistan if the U.S. didn’t keep 2,500 troops there.

Biden ignored the warning, pulled out the troops, and the Taliban took over, within a matter of days.

He said Biden’s decision seriously affected America’s ability to fight terrorism.

“Our interest in Afghanistan is preventing al-Qaida or ISIS from regenerating and being able to conduct an attack on our homeland or the homelands of our friends and partners,” he said in the report. “And our ability to do that has certainly been gravely reduced.”

He was at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, when it, and New York targets, were trucked by passenger jets hijacked by Muslim terrorists.

He said what the U.S. did in Afghanistan over the years prevented another such attack.

“We prevented a major attack from occurring on the United States,” he said. “The cost was not cheap, as you noted. We lost a lot of brave young Americans. Our coalition partners lost a lot of their soldiers. And, of course, the Afghan people paid a steep price for that.”

Columnists Oliver North and David Goetsch said a year after Biden’s “incompetent” pullout, “Taliban terrorists now rule the government in Kabul. U.S. global military credibility remains in free-fall. Our allies no longer trust us. Our adversaries no longer respect us.”

They described the Taliban: It “is a radical Islamist movement with the goal of establishing an Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan. Their strict enforcement of Islamic jurisprudence was and is the rule. Women and girls were not and are not allowed to work or go to school and must be completely covered from head to toe in public. Until October 2001, the Taliban provided safe haven for al-Qaida as they plotted the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S.”

While Trump had reached an agreement that would require the Taliban to follow basic plans to allow, eventually, foreign troops to leave, when Biden was elected they moved up their actions to built a power base there.

“But even the Taliban could not have forecast how incredibly incompetent and inept the Biden team would prove to be,” they wrote. “The most devastating decision made by our new commander in chief was his order in July 2021 to abandon the allied base at Bagram, less than 30 miles north of Kabul. This strategically crucial facility has multiple runways and, as we reported at the time, extraordinary defenses and surveillance capabilities, and was the location where billions of dollars worth of U.S. and coalition weapons and sensitive war materiel was stored.’

“Biden’s cut-and-run evacuation gave the Taliban a complete victory. That organization has proven better at fighting than governing,” they wrote.

And they noted the evidence that al-Qaida was back in Afghanistan almost immediately.

“The Taliban has claimed repeatedly al-Qaida is not in Afghanistan, yet when the CIA finally tracked down and killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, where was he? In a safe house in Kabul. Much can happen in a year, especially when that year begins with unconscionable cowardice and extraordinary incompetence,” they said.

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