Gay man comes forward, says Mike Pence ‘falsely accused’ of bigotry

There is a false narrative being spread about Mike Pence and someone has finally stood up to counter it.

Gregory T. Angelo, a columnist on Fox News who is also gay, stated Pence has been “falsely accused” of hating the LGBT community.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

As proof of his claim, Angelo states look no further than what Pence did during the SOTU address.

When President Trump made the demand for “Democrats and Republicans to make the commitment to eliminate the HIV epidemic in the United States within 10 years,” Mike Pence was the first to stand up and applaud President Trump.

While Angelo is a Republican, he not trying to score political points.

In his article, he reminded everyone, “this is not an assertion I make lightly.”

He continues to go on that while Pence has made mistakes and admitted to them, he is far from someone that is prejudiced against the gay community.

Don’t Mistake Personal Beliefs

Mike Pence is a Christian man, perhaps one of the most devout Christians in our political system today.

As such, he holds to Christian orthodoxy on sexual behavior.  That, however, does not mean he is a homophobe.

It also does not mean he will not do everything in his power to protect LGBT Americans. Mike Pence does not believe in discrimination of any kind, including the LGBT community.

In fact, Pence one proclaimed, “If I saw a restaurant owner refuse to serve a gay couple, I wouldn’t eat there anymore.”

While serving as the governor for Indiana, Pence signed legislation to help protect members of the LGBT community, something liberals simply refuse to acknowledge. Pence is adamant he will do everything in his power to help Americans, ALL Americans.

As the elections get nearer, these bogus narratives against Pence will no doubt be thrown into the limelight again, but they are nothing more than lies.

These days, that seems to be about all the Democrat party can come up with.

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