Gay extremist gets violent, physically attacks family-group messaging

 June 14, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A violent LGBT extremist has attacked the messaging of a pro-family organization, physically hurling a metal frame at an "unbreakable" truck with its messages, including one to "free" President Donald Trump.

The confrontation was documented by Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, who recently visited Washington, D.C., with his free-speech opinions on the sides of a truck.

He reported that one sign on the mobile billboard truck flashed the message, "Children are never born the wrong gender God doesn't make mistakes."
Another message was that "Transgender women are insane men."

Delgaudio explained yet another message was, "47 Free President Trump."

"This attack and the sudden closing of our online phone system, on the same day as our 'Straight Pride Parade' are a direct response to our stationary and mobile billboard campaign reaching the Washington, D.C., region and our visit to the main headquarters of the homosexual lobby, the Human Rights Campaign Fund, in Washington, D.C.," he explained.

"It is a typical tactic of the Human Rights Campaign Fund, and other Homosexual Lobby groups, to seek to silence by lawfare or other means, a peaceful Pro-family group and seek to destroy it. In recent days there is an uptick on our social media platforms of threats as we successfully reach 50 million views in one week, on just one social media platform. Public Advocate is now reaching over 100 million views on combined social media platforms."

The organization's statement explained, "A violent physical attack Saturday involved an LGBT activist who used a metal frame striking our billboard truck with pro-family messages. This same attacker exposed his genitals several times and then spit on Eugene Delgaudio and kicked his car which was following the truck."

The organization reported it has filed a police report with the evidence of violence.

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