Garry Kasparov provides the recipe for the ‘collapse’ of Putin’s regime

Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion and the current Human Rights Foundation chairman, just explained the strategy for the West that he believes will “almost automatically” lead to a regime change in Russia, Fox News reports

Kasparov, who has strong knowledge of history and politics, did so during a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Your World. 

How to get rid of Putin

During his Fox appearance, Kasparov said that, if the West wants to get rid of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a “very important” part of the strategy is “to make it very clear that [the West is] there to make Ukraine win the war.”

Kasparov also said that it is important for the West “to keep sanctions until Ukrainian territory is cleared from Russian occupation forces.”

“Because,” Kasparov explained, “that’s how we can start splitting Russians and also Russian elites [who] will understand that it’s not just President [Joe] Biden who said Putin was a pariah.”

“But American policy,” Kasparov added, “is to make sure that Russia will not be able to return … with Vladimir Putin as the head of the country.”

Collapsing Putin’s regime

Kasparov went on to talk about how the West’s backing of Ukraine will help Ukraine to get the upper hand in its current war with Russia, which, in turn, will lead to the collapse of Putin’s regime.

In the process, Kasparov referred to the wildly inaccurate prediction of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, who said that Ukraine would fall within 72 hours if Russia decided to invade. The war, now, has been ongoing for almost a month and a half.

“And, as much as General Milley was wrong in the beginning of February, talking about 72 hours and the collapse of [the] Ukraine army, he’s wrong now about years or … decades of the war. It’s not Afghanistan, it’s not Vietnam,” Kasparov said. “Ukrainian terrain is very different, and [the] Ukrainian army, unlike in Afghanistan, is fighting [the] Russian army, and all they need is advanced weapons to win this war.”

Kasparov added: “So, a few more months of the war and strong policy of the United States, leadership from the United States, may end up [with] this war in Ukraine’s favor, and it will automatically – almost automatically – will lead to the collapse of [Putin’s] regime.”

What follows?

Time will tell whether Kasparov, here, is right.

Assuming that he is, Kasparov said that two questions will follow: “when [Putin] goes and what price we and especially Ukrainians, will pay … for Putin’s demise and the collapse of his regime.”

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