MS-13 gang member convicted of 2017 murder in New York City: Report

Remember in 2018 when President Donald Trump referred to members of the brutal and sadistic international street gang MS-13 as “animals,” and a host of Democrats and their media allies rushed to defend the malevolent murderers and rapists out of their reflexive opposition to every word uttered by Trump?

Well now, yet another member of that horrible gang is facing up to life in prison following a conviction for murder in a case that has — once again — proven that Trump was right, and Democrats and the media were wrong.

A quick conviction

News12 in Long Island, New York, reported on Friday that Jose “Smoker” Alvarenga, a suspected member of MS-13 from the town of Hempstead, was convicted of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

According to reports, it took the jury less than three hours to render a verdict in the case, which stemmed from the shooting death of another suspected gang member, 39-year-old Fernando Gonzalez-Chavez, outside of a deli in Queens in 2017.

Alvarenga will have a sentencing hearing later this month. He could spend anywhere from 25 years to the rest of his life behind bars.

A murder caught on tape

Newsday in Long Island reported that the Gonzalez-Chavez’s murder occurred shortly after midnight on May 31, 2017 — and the entire incident was caught by surveillance cameras.

Acting Queens District Attorney John Ryan told the court that video captured Alvarenga, who is now 29, entering the deli and then exiting it just seconds later, prior to drawing his gun and firing at close range toward the victim, who was crouching against outside of the store.

“The defendant searched out the victim and when he found him, aimed a gun at his chest and fired a single shot,” Ryan explained. “The victim died on a street corner on the side of a Queens deli.”

“No remorse and no mercy”

Gonzalez-Chavez had reportedly attempted to stop being an active member of the MS-13 gang. Unfortunately, the gang is well-known for not allowing members to walk away from the criminal organization, and death is often the only escape from the group’s clutches.

“The defendant showed no remorse and no mercy,” Ryan said, even as the defendant faced “spending the rest of his days locked away from society.”

Ryan went on to note that the victim had died at the scene mere moments after being shot, due to the fact that the single bullet fired “ripped through both lungs, his aorta, and his esophagus.”

Alvarenga had fled the scene in the aftermath of the shooting, but was eventually arrested nearly two months later, on July 27, 2017, after police received an anonymous tip on his whereabouts. He won’t be going anywhere else for a long time now, however.

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