Gallup names President Trump 2020’s ‘Most Admired Man’ as he prepares to leave the White House

President Donald Trump shocked the world even as he prepares to say goodbye to the presidency in January.

According to a poll released by Gallup, Trump is the most admired man in America for the year 2020. The president’s achievement has ended the 12-year reign of former President Barack Obama for most admired man after tying him last year.

Eighteen percent of Americans named Trump, with 15% naming Barack Obama and 6% naming President-elect Joe Biden. Other notable people named included Elon Musk, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Cementing impact on politics

Trump will go down in history as one of the most impactful and important presidents. Even just serving one term, he has made an incredible impact.

Like his predecessor, Trump is a controversial figure who inspires devout defense and attracts vicious attacks. No matter how controversial he is, he is still admired by a large segment of Americans.

Furthermore, the Gallup poll found that it wasn’t Trump’s political alignment that landed him the title of 2020s most admired American. No other Republican came anywhere close to Trump. Gallup found that “48 percent of Republicans named President Trump this year, with no other public figure receiving more than 2% of Republicans’ votes.”

This is something that Republicans need to consider going forward. Trump is not only popular, but he is the only popular Republican out there. As Republicans consider who they will throw their support behind in the 2024 presidential elections, they must consider Trump’s unique support.

Trump will be an important figure in politics going forward and securing his endorsement will be crucial to any rising Republican.

2024 in play

In 2024 Trump is going to be 78-years-old, yet speculation that he will run again is swirling.

He could be the second president to return to power after losing an election, the first being former President Grover Cleveland.

He is allegedly already making calls and utilizing his connections to lay the groundwork for a 2024 presidential run, but those rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

Ultimately one of the biggest factors in Trump returning in 2024 will be his support base. If Trump’s supporters want him back then he will be returning with a vengeance.

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