Tulsi Gabbard confirms she ‘was not invited’ to speak at Dem convention

One of the top contenders in the Democrats’ 2020 presidential primary race was just humiliated by her own party.

According to the Daily Caller, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D) was snubbed by Democrats at their national convention this week. “I was not invited to participate in any way,” Gabbard confirmed in a tweet on Thursday, the last day of the convention.

“Not invited”

Gabbard’s tweet came in response to an apparent supporter who had complained that Gabbard wasn’t listed in the Democrats’ lineup of speakers despite earning delegates in the party’s primary race.

“[Gabbard] was 1 of 7 candidates that earned delegates during the Presidential primary. It has been a tradition that spanned decades for any candidate who earned a delegate to be offered a speaking slot at the convention. Tulsi was not invited,” the supporter tweeted.

Take a look:

As the Daily Caller noted, CNN anchor Jake Tapper also confirmed the news, writing in a Thursday tweet that the congresswoman told him “she was not invited to participate in the convention in any way, she was not told why.”

Left out

“She’s currently on a plane headed to Alaska, on her way to an Army Reserve mission to help out a small Alaska Native tribe with some critical infrastructure issues,” Tapper added, according to the Daily Caller.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Gabbard has been left out of Democrats’ fanfare. She was excluded from some primary debates, as the Daily Caller reported, ostensibly due to what the Daily Caller described as “arbitrary rule changes.”

Those rules were skirted to allow former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg a spot on stage, however, as the Daily Caller noted.

While nobody can say for sure exactly why the Democratic establishment has been so dismissive of Gabbard, odds are that it has something to do with her openly stated opposition to establishment hacks like failed 2016 Democrat White House nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to NBC News, Gabbard sued Clinton for defamation in January of this year, only to drop the suit a few months later. It’s too bad Dems haven’t dropped their grudges against her quite as quickly.

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