Former Rep. Gabbard warns that Biden, others, are escalating Ukraine-Russia conflict toward nuclear war

Despite a repeated insistence that America will not become involved in actual fighting, President Joe Biden and many of his allies, both Democrats and Republicans, have increasingly used antagonistic and escalating rhetoric to sharply criticize and demonize Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, to say nothing of the tens of billions in military aid to Ukraine and crushing economic sanctions imposed against Russia.

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is decidedly not a fan of what has been occurring, and she just warned that the actions and rhetoric of Biden and others risked escalating the Russia-Ukraine conflict into a global nuclear war, Fox News reported.

Biden pushing us “closer to the brink of a nuclear war”

The former Hawaii congresswoman and presidential candidate issued that dire warning during an appearance Wednesday on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” with host Laura Ingraham.

“The American people need to understand the seriousness of the situation that the Biden administration and leaders in Washington have put us in,” Gabbard warned. “So we go beyond kind of the day-to-day battle updates of what’s happening in our proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and actually take a step back and focus on the big picture and the great threat that we face, which is the reality that this war is continuing to escalate.”

“President Biden himself says he has no idea when or how it’s going to end, but we know where this escalation leads,” she continued. “It leads us closer and closer to the brink of a nuclear war with Russia.”

Political leaders and the wealthy will be safe. The rest of us, not so much

Gabbard proceeded to reference a shocking recent public service announcement from New York City on nuclear attack preparedness that advised residents to, in the event of a nuclear attack, get inside and stay inside and stay tuned to the media and government officials for further instructions.

“I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that PSA because it’s insane,” she said. “They’re treating this as though we are back in the 50s and 60s when, ya know, teachers are telling kids to ‘go under your desks and you’ll be protected from a nuclear attack.’ It’s crazy.”

“The reality is: President Biden, members of Congress, leaders in our country, the wealthy — they will have a safe place to be in the event of a nuclear war that they are behind causing, while the rest of us in America and Russia, people around the world, will be decimated from this event,” Gabbard cautioned.

“And yet they treat it as though it’s nothing. It is nothing to take seriously,” she continued. “They’ve been making plans on how they can continue to wage this war from an underground bunker.”

A “nonchalant” and “cavalier” attitude toward the potential nuclear annihilation of humanity

“This is the seriousness of the threat that we face, and how crazy and disturbing it is that President Biden and people in his administration can be so nonchalant about how they are the ones who are continuing to drive us forward,” Gabbard added and agreed with Ingraham’s assertion that it was a stunning display of a “cavalier” attitude about the potential nuclear annihilation of much of the world.

It is one thing to offer financial and even military support to Ukraine as it defends itself against a Russian invasion, but it is entirely another to do so amid increasingly antagonistic and provocative toward a nuclear-armed historic enemy and rival that has the capability to utterly decimate America and spark a possible nuclear conflict that could wipe out modern society, if not completely destroy all of humanity.

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