Short-term funding bill passed by Senate

As we edge closer to a government shutdown, the decision is now Trump’s to make.

After the House passed a temporary spending bill, the Senate followed with an 82-15 vote.

September Shutdown

Remember the days when our government could actually produce a budget for an entire year?

Sticking to the recent script, Congress has once again passed yet another short-term spending bill to get us through to the next quarter.

Now that the Senate has passed the bill, it will be sent to President Trump for his signature. Trump is expected to sign the bill before the end of the month to avoid a shutdown.

Once Trump signs the funding bill, the government will be in business through Nov. 21.

Can’t Seem To Agree

With the short-term funding bill in place, legislators will now have to come to an agreement before Thanksgiving to avoid an end-of-year shutdown.

As always seems to be the case these days, the major spending areas where Republicans and Democrats differ is on military and border funding.

Republicans continue to try to secure funding for the border wall, but Democrats refuse to give up a single penny for it.

Now that Trump has reallocated money from the Pentagon to pay for the wall, it will be even tougher to get military spending unless it is specifically stipulated that the money cannot be reallocated through any measure.

The good news is that the crisis at the border seems to have died down considerably since Trump dropped the hammer on Mexico. Since mid-summer, border numbers have been consistently declining and much of the backlog at detention centers has dissipated.

Until both sides can come together on these key issues, we are destined to fund our government about eight weeks at a time.

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