Fulton County DA Fani Willis's lover Nathan Wade allegedly reneges on court-ordered payments to wife and children

 April 5, 2024

Nathan Wade's wife said her estranged husband should be held in "contempt of court" for skirting the terms of their divorce, Fox News reported. Meanwhile, his relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Willis Fani Willis creates more problems.

Jocelyn Wade filed court documents Wednesday alleging that Nathan Wade did not pay expenses previously indicated by the court. Some of those included expenses for the couple's children and for his wife.

Normally, a spouse who "very punitively reneged" on legal duties laid out in divorce proceedings wouldn't make national headlines. However, it became relevant during the Georgia election interference case involving former President Donald Trump.

Now, the saga of Nathan Wade's divorce and his relationship with Willis has opened their affair to further scrutiny. It also may have given Trump the upper hand in demonstrating misconduct.

The Accusations

Among the complaints from Jocely Wade is that her soon-to-be ex-husband failed to pay medical expenses as dictated by the divorce proceedings. She blames this for her "worsening" health that could lead to "emergency intervention."

The filing listed the medical procedures Nathan Wade was supposed to pay for to address the "severe physical symptoms" she's been dealing with. "These symptoms have significantly impacted her ability to consume most foods, leading to a substantial weight loss, notwithstanding her already slender stature when in better health," the filing states.

The document also showed that Nathan Wade may have failed to pay for his children's needs. He allegedly told his med school-bound daughter that he would no longer pay her bills and that she should 'get the money from your mother' instead.

"As an additional note, Plaintiff has very punitively reneged on his commitment to cover their daughter's MCAT expenses as well," the filing adds. Nathan Wade allegedly also cut off his son, who is training to be a professional soccer player in Europe and told him to ask his mother for the funds.

These accusations make Nathan Wade appear cold and vindictive, even when involving payments to his children. The courts will determine how valid they are, but his problems are more than just personal.

The Relationship With Willis

Nathan Wade's professional life is also fraught with conflict these days. In 2021, Willis hired him to help her with the case against Trump with a taxpayer-funded $650,000 salary.

However, Trump and other defendants brought to light allegations that Willis was having an "improper" relationship with Nathan Wade. Rather than beginning an affair after they started working together, it appears Willis hired Nathan Wade when they were already involved.

Before Nathan Wade was hired, cell phone data showed that he made late-night trips to Willis's residence, suggesting the salary she secured for him would benefit Willis as the pair took trips and other outings together. Willis insists she paid Nathan Wade back for her part of the expenses, though she could not prove that.

As a result, Willis was told to either fire Nathan Wade or step down herself. She chose to cut her lover loose. Nathan Wade also has an ethics complaint for allegedly lying under oath, which could threaten his standing with the Georgia State Bar.

This whole sordid mess with the divorce only became public because the pair were pursuing a witch hunt against Trump. The fact that the people prosecuting him are wheeling and dealing behind the scenes helps prove that their motives may be less than pure.

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