‘Full steam ahead’: Sources confirm Durham probe is ‘definitely still happening’

In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, pundits across the political spectrum have speculated that U.S. Attorney John Durham would prematurely conclude his team’s criminal review of the FBI probe into since-discredited allegations of Russian collusion in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential bid.

Despite the fact that the mainstream media called the still-contested presidential election for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, a recent Fox News report indicates that Durham’s probe is running “full steam ahead.”

“Pressure to get this done”

Citing multiple anonymous sources, the Fox report concluded that social media rumors of a stalled or concluded investigation are off base and that work by Durham’s team is “definitely still happening” in the aftermath of this month’s election.

The investigation has reportedly been focused on the origins of the debunked Russian collusion narrative and a related special counsel tasked with digging up potential dirt against the president throughout the first two years of his first term.

Aside from an indictment against former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who was accused of altering an email connected to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant application, nothing substantial has yet resulted from Durham’s investigation.

Two of Fox News’ sources, however, reassured concerned Americans that Durham and his team have remained engaged in a complex probe despite appearing to have gone quiet after the Clinesmith indictment.

While one of the sources had previously indicated that Durham was “feeling more pressure to get this done and wrapped up” before Election Day, the individual predicted that he “does not want this to be viewed political” and would therefore be likely to “punt it to after the election.”

“The nightmare scenario”

The latest reports indicate that is exactly what Durham did.

Further backing up the sources’ claims that this investigation remains ongoing were the remarks last month by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, who expressed confidence that there “would be” additional indictments coming from Durham’s team.

Ratcliffe based his assessment on the intelligence data he had personally viewed as well as more than 1,000 pages of documents his office forwarded to Durham’s investigators in response to requests.

Law professor Jonathan Turley speculated that concern over apparent inaction by the Durham team was fueled by the belief that a possible Biden administration would shut down or attempt to whitewash what the investigation uncovered.

In any case, U.S. Attorney General William Barr signaled last month that Durham would not be releasing a report before Election Day, prompting concern from Republicans, including one congressional aide who told Axios: “This is the nightmare scenario. Essentially, the year and a half of arguably the number one issue for the Republican base is virtually meaningless if this doesn’t happen before the election.”

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