Friend of Dr. Ford says FBI Investigation was not thorough

Not surprisingly, a close friend of Christine Ford Blasey has come forward to rip the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh.

Keith Koegler, Ford’s close friend, said the FBI did not even interview him even though he could “corroborate” Ford’s claim.

Not Corroboration

According to Koegler, Ford told him about the alleged assault in 2016.

She informed her “friend” she has been assaulted by someone that was now a federal judge when they were both in high school.

When Koegler asked her the man’s name, she told him it was Kavanaugh.

That is what Koegler considers corroboration.

Corroborating evidence or a statement must actually back up specific events.

This is nothing more than Ford telling someone a story, period.

Had Koegler been at the site of the alleged attack, it would be a much different story.

The Real Witnesses

While Kroeger and Democrats have been very critical of the FBI investigation, the fact is the agency already had much of what they needed.

Ford did not offer any new information during her hearing testimony, so what else was the FBI supposed to investigate?

All interested parties had already given sworn statements under the penalty of perjury, so there really was no need to interview those witnesses again.

Everyone on the right knew the call for the supplemental investigation was nothing more than a delay tactic by Democrats.

We also knew the moment the FBI report was revealed, Democrats were going to cry foul.

Now, we are a mere hours away from Kavanaugh being confirmed, which means liberals are about to take to the streets in protest.

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The fact here is the supplemental investigation was never going to uncover any new information because Kavanaugh never attacked this woman.

Whether she made up the allegation altogether or it is a case of mistaken identity, only Ford truly knows.

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