FEC records show friend and former aide of Biden received more than a half million dollars to his firm from pro-Biden PAC he created

It has been alleged that President Joe Biden and members of his family have corruptly enriched themselves by way of leveraging his political career and influence, first as a senator, then as vice president, and now from the White House.

Such alleged corruption may not be exclusive to the immediate Biden family, however, as it appears that a longtime friend and former aide of the president has also substantially improved his financial situation over the past three years, Fox News reported.

That friend and former aide is Mark Doyle, who appears to have received more than a half-million dollars from a pro-Biden political action committee he helped form in 2019 and currently serves as chairman of the board.

$570,000+ for “fundraising consulting” and “travel reimbursement”

Fox News noted that Doyle formed the Unite the Country super PAC in late 2019 after then-candidate Biden reversed course on his initial pledge in opposition to such committees.

In addition to serving as the board chair of Unite the Country, Doyle is also head of a Chicago-based political consultancy firm known as Praire Avenue Advisors, and the news network just revealed that more than $500,000 has been funneled through the United the Country PAC’s coffers into the accounts of Doyle’s consulting firm.

Indeed, according to Federal Election Commission records, Unite the Country has made roughly 40 near-monthly expenditures to Prairie Avenue Advisors between September 2019 and May 2022.

Those expenditures from Doyle’s PAC to his consulting firm totaled more than $570,000, with the overwhelming majority labeled as “fundraising consulting” while a handful of other smaller disbursements were for “travel reimbursement.”

The records further show that the consulting payments started off at around $15,000 per month in 2019, with two payments made in December of that year, then ranged between $25,000 to $35,000 throughout 2020 prior to dropping to between $5,000 to $10,000 through 2021 and 2022.

Doyle also created a “dark money” nonprofit pro-Biden advocacy group

Fox News noted that those FEC records only covered Doyle’s Unite the Country super PAC and did not include any information about an offshoot venture Doyle formed in 2021 known as Unite the Country Now, a purported nonprofit organization formed to help promote President Biden’s agenda.

Axios reported in June 2021 on the formation of that advocacy group that, as a 501(4)(c) nonprofit organization, falls into the classification of a “dark money” group in that it is not required to publicly disclose donor or financial information like its related super PAC.

The outlet noted at that time that Doyle and his partner, Democratic operative Amanda Loveday, had not decided whether to voluntarily disclose such information, or whether it would refuse to accept funds from certain other organizations or industries or foreign agents and registered lobbyists.

It sure looks like Doyle has used his pro-Biden super PAC to enrich himself to the tune of more than a half-million dollars, but that figure may well be vastly higher if similar monthly payments filed as “operating expenses” are flowing from his “dark money” pro-Biden nonprofit to his consulting firm as well.

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