Freed North Korea hostages hand over emotional note after landing in U.S.

The release of the North Korean hostages is a defining moment for this young administration.

What may be even more defining is a note handed over to Vice President Mike Pence by one of the hostages to give to the president:

Silly Democrats

When Trump took office, he immediately called out Kim Jong Un.

He was constantly putting pressure on the rogue world leader.

Trump even went so far as to call him “Rocket Man,” embarrassing Kim for all the world to see.

Dems swore up and down Trump was putting us on the verge of war, but Trump was doing nothing more than playing a high-stakes game of chicken with the North Korean leader.

Kim blinked first and not only backed down, but offered to open up talks to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Then, as a gesture of good faith, Kim released three Americans that were being held prisoner.

The Release

When the prisoners were released, it amazingly did not garner the headlines anyone thought it would.

Rather than giving Trump credit for another item marked off his list, the liberal media tried to find a way to rip the achievement down.

However, the accomplishment of the administration was not lost on the three men that were freed.

As a token of their appreciation and a show of the faith that permitted them to exist day in and day out under horrible conditions, one of the prisoners passed the note to Pence.

Had he waited a little longer, he would have been able to give the note to the president himself, because POTUS and FLOTUS greeted the men before they got off the plane.

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For many of us, our dream is to have a six-figure job, a big family, and professional success — but that was not the dream of these men.

Their dream was simply to get their freedom back… and Trump made it come true.

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