Franklin Graham reflects on the death of his father, Billy Graham

The morning of Feb. 21, 2018, is a day that evangelist Franklin Graham will never forget.

Graham woke up that day to learn his father, the beloved Rev. Billy Graham, had passed away.

He marked the anniversary of Billy Graham’s death by sharing a photo of his parents’ headstones in a tweet on Thursday.

Year of Reflection

When Graham got the news, he says he was out having breakfast. Suddenly, his phone rang and he learned what had happened to his 99-year-old father.

“I think when my father passed away, there was so much activity over that 10-day period for me, personally, I really didn’t have a chance to mourn,” he recalled.

Over the last year, though, Franklin had more time to reflect on his father and his achievements.


Anyone who has lost a cherished family member can relate to the feelings Graham has experienced over the last year.

Every Sunday, he said he would go visit his father. The first time that did not happen, it really started to sink in that his father was gone forever.

Simple things like that were the hardest, he said.

Moving forward, Graham said the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, of which he is the president, is going to turn the elder Graham’s home into a conference center.

He also said the organization will not change anything it has done in the past even though his father is no longer alive.

“We are going to keep telling people reassurance of heaven how their sins can be forgiven. I’m going to keep on doing what we do,” said Graham.

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