Frank Sinatra’s first wife has died at 101 years of age

Yet another artifact from one of the most influential periods of our nation has passed on.

Nancy Sinatra, the first wife of singer Frank Sinatra, passed away on Friday at the age of 101.

The Early Days

Frank and Nancy started dating as teenagers, and eventually wed in 1939.

She was there throughout Frank’s early, struggling years.

Before Frank Sinatra ever hit the world stage, he hosted a local radio show in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, Nancy took on a job as a singing waiter in New Jersey.

Nancy was also there in the early days of Frank’s fame.

And while rumors of his womanizing were running rampant — as were his late nights on the town — Nancy continued to stand by his side.

But rumors became truth when Frank’s affair with Ava Gardner went public — and that was all she could take.

Nancy then filed for divorce.

Frank would eventually marry Gardner, leaving Nancy to raise their three children on her own.

Small Taste of Fame

Unlike her husband, Nancy stayed out of the spotlight.

However, she does have two credits on her IMBD profile.

The first is for an appearance on the Dinah Shore talk show in 1974.

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The second is an appearance at her daughter’s concert film, “Nancy and Lee in Las Vegas.”

Rest in peace, Nancy. You were the epitome of class.

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