France confirms Trump was right: Assad was behind the WMD attacks on civilians in Syria

Evidence is beginning to trickle in about the chemical attack in Syria last week and it is not good.

France has declassified some information proving Syrian President Bashar Assad was behind the attack.

The Attack

On April 7, a chemical strike was carried out in Syria in Douma.

This is a small suburb just outside of Damascus.

At least 40 people were initially pronounced dead, with hundreds more hospitalized.

The attack was believed to have been is response to government military actions against rebels.

Initially, the Syrian president denied he or his military had anything to do with the attack.

However, the United States and numerous allies believed Assad was in fact behind the attacks.

History Repeats Itself

Oddly enough, the attack that was carried out happened almost a year to the day from another chemical attack that had been carried out by the Syrian government.

On April 4, 2017, the Idlib province was hit by its own government.

That attack left more than 80 people dead.

The Evidence

Early Saturday, France declassified reports that put the blame for the attack on Assad.

The French Foreign Ministry report stated, “Reliable intelligence indicates that Syrian military officials have coordinated what appears to be the use of chemical weapons containing chlorine on Douma, on April 7.”

In addition to the chlorine, the Syrians are believed to have used sarin in the attack, which is a deadly nerve agent.


President Trump promised to hold those responsible for the attack accountable.

Friday night, that is exactly what happened.

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In a joint attack with France and the UK, the United States helped eradicate chemical weapons facilities located in Syria.

On Saturday morning, Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie declared the strike as a complete success.

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