Framed by AI: Arrest over fake video of white principal blasting blacks

By Jalyn on
 April 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A social media commenter is warning "Expect to see a lot more of this" after a man was arrested over a recording of a white school principal in the Baltimore area lashing out angrily at blacks.

The problem is that the "recording" was fake. All are generated by computers. Through "artificial intelligence" programming.

The Georgia Star News documents the situation that now has resulted in the arrest of Dazhon Darien, a black who was Pikesville High School athletic director.

The report noted Darien was taken into custody just days ago while boarding a flight to Houston. Police declined to speculate he was trying to escape the jurisdiction, but noted he was in possession of a firearm.

The situation came up months ago when a recording was given to several teachers, one of whom sent it to a student who the teacher knew would publicize the recording.

Months of investigation, however, now have cleared Principal Eric Eiswert.

A report from WBAL-11 in Baltimore suggested Darien made the recording in retaliation for Eiswert's decision to investigate his "potential mishandling" of school funds.

Eiswert, from the beginning, said he "had an idea" about who was behind the fake recording, since Darien held a "grievance" against him over his contract not being renewed and issues such as firing a coach without approval and "paying teachers under the table for helping him with his job," the report said.

Eiswert, who now has been completely cleared, had been suspended when the recording, which Supt. Myriam Rogers called "deeply disturbing," became available.

Social media extremists demanded dismissal, and worse, for Eiswert.

But WBAL-11 reported detectives obtained "conclusive evidence" of the recording's creation by AI, based on their own analysis, and one by the FBI that came to the same conclusion.

The report said police linked an email address that sent out the audio to Darien's grandmother's home in Los Angeles that has a recovery phone number being Darien's own cellphone.

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