Neil Cavuto: Biden gets ‘decidedly friendlier questions’ from media than Trump does

It’s confirmed — the media is giving Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden the kid-gloves treatment.

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto recently highlighted the difference between how the press has been interacting with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and its typically contentious questioning of President Donald Trump.

Biden’s recent activity, particularly the questions he took from the press on Friday, is what allowed Cavuto to make this comparison. Following that event, many, including President Trump, called attention to the fact that the press seemed to go way easier on Biden than it has ever gone on Trump.

“Those questions were meant for a child,” Trump said. “Smiles on faces and reporters, not like you and you. There were smiles on the reporters. What do you think? Take a look at those questions that they ask him. They were not meant for a grown-up. They were meant for a child.”

Two standards

On Fox Business’ “Cavuto Coast to Coast,” Cavuto also noticed this difference. “Whether you like the former vice president, dislike him, whether you like President Trump or dislike him, these were decidedly friendlier questions than the president ever enjoys,” Cavuto said.

Cavuto suggested that maybe the press treats Biden better because he, in stark contrast to Trump, praises its members.

“It could be the genteel approach that Joe Biden takes,” Cavuto said. “It could be the friendly approach, the fact that he constantly praises the press. I get that.”

Where’s the “fair play?”

According to Cavuto, even if Biden is nicer to the press than Trump, this shouldn’t matter. If the press was really going about its job properly, both men would get the same treatment.

“That’s very, very nice, but I do think if you’re gonna be a jerk to one, it might be beneficial to just be the same jerk to all,” Cavuto said.

“I’m just saying that there’s got to be a sense of fair play here,” he added. “I don’t see it all the time.”

Cavuto concluded by suggesting to his colleagues that they all should “just go into this [election], whatever our peeves or annoyances that we get, just to do our job, to be tough on everybody … and maybe see ratings perk as a result.”

President Trump probably shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for that to happen.

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