Trump, conservatives want Fox to stop hosting Democrats

Democrats have gone out of their way to portray Fox News as a biased network.

In answer, Fox has opened its doors to hosting several Democrat town halls. This choice has not gone over well with Fox’s conservative base. Donald Trump is leading the charge demanding that Fox News quit “covering the Dems.”

Fair and Balanced

Fox News has always touted itself as the one network that actually presents, or at least tries to present, a balanced representation of current events. The network, while identified as a conservative network, has more than its fair share of liberal hosts.

Even so, that was not enough to lure in Elizabeth Warren for a town hall, as she accused the network of trafficking in hate. The network also took a hit from the DNC when the party decided to forbid Fox from hosting any Democrat debates.

To counter this, Fox has stacked its prime-time lineup with Town Halls for most of the key Democrat candidates. For the most part, these candidates have taken Fox up on the offer.

Traitorous or Balanced?

Trump and many conservatives believe by allowing these Dems another platform, they are turning on the network’s conservative base.

The Bernie Sanders Town Hall was a complete fiasco. The place was packed with liberals and Sanders took shot after shot at the network.

Pete Buttigieg did much the same thing, criticizing several of the networks most popular hosts during his town hall.

While this may a good opportunity for Fox to be able to tout itself as fair and balanced, it is not exactly good for ratings. The network still dominates virtually every time slot against its competitors, but ratings overall are starting to dip.

This very well may be due to conservative viewers simply not being interested in hearing what these Democrats have to say. ESPN recently went through the same problem when its viewers became sick and tired of being preached at.

Now, Fox is facing a similar problem. Viewers tune into Fox News knowing the likes of Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, and Juan Williams are going to be there, but now they have to listen to Democrat candidates as well?

Trump’s public rebuke of the network out could lead to his supporters launching a boycott of the network. This would really put the pressure on executives to re-focus on conservative programming.

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