Fox News Star booted off Twitter for posting Pensacola shooter’s manifesto

Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth has been abruptly booted off of Twitter after posting a screenshot of the Pensacola naval base shooter’s manifesto, the Daily Mail reports.

The latest act of social media censorship of a conservative figure is sure to renew the debate about whether the power of big social media companies needs to be reeled in.

Pensacola shooter manifesto

Mohammed Alshamrani shot three people at NAS Pensacola in an act of terror. A Twitter account said to be owned by Alshamrani posted a manifesto two hours before the shooting detailing his motive.

In that manifesto, Fox News reports that Alshamrani said: “I’m not against you for just being American, I don’t hate you because [of] your freedoms, I hate you because every day you [are] supporting, funding and committing crimes not only against Muslims, but also humanity.”

Alshamrani’s answer for supposed crimes against humanity was to carry out real crimes against humanity.

Americans deserve to know why such an awful act of terror was committed. There are three families who need to know why they lost their loved ones. It is also important that the information is circulated to shut down baseless speculations as quickly as possible.

Hegseth ban

Hegseth shared information that we all deserve to know. He tweeted a screenshot of Alshamrani’s post and commented: “Here’s the (now blocked) tweet from Saudi Islamist Mohammed Alshamrani, who murder 3 brave Americans in Florida.”

He went on: “The coward posted it just hours before his terrorist attack. This is Islamist terror. No reason to ever mince words. Saudi Arabia must be held to account.”

Twitter’s response was to ban his account for daring to tell the world what really caused this tragedy. Twitter has also refused to comment on the ban as of yet.

The political motive behind banning Hegseth is clear. The mainstream media, in league with big social media companies, are suppressing the facts in this case.

Before the shooting, Alshamrani and three friends had a dinner party in which they watched footage of mass shootings, CBS News reported. Alshamrani was radicalized, and the other three certainly could be as well.

President Donald Trump has announced he will be reviewing programs involving international training in response to this event. This horrible tragedy really illustrates that U.S. efforts to cooperate with other countries may not be worth it if American lives are needlessly jeopardized as a result. Similarly, it is also time to review the way in which big social media companies are working to keep Americans in the dark.

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