Report: Fox News remains silent on Twitter over platform’s handling of threats against Tucker Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was recently targeted by leftist mobsters who showed up at his home, chanting, beating at his door, and terrifying his wife, who was home alone at the time and thought her house was being broken into.

Fox News issued a terse statement the following day condemning the behavior of the protesters, but now, the network appears to be waging their own protest against the social media platform: in an apparent shutdown of their Twitter feed, Fox News has been conspicuously silent on Twitter since the platform failed to take timely action against the Antifa-linked group that broadcast their anti-Carlson protest and even shared Carlson’s home address to the world.

Silent protest

Astute observers noted that the official Fox News Twitter account has been remarkably silent following the incident at Carlson’s home.

Indeed, there have not been any posts to that account since Nov. 8, with the vast majority of the posts that day being in relation to the tragic mass shooting at a bar in California.

Scott Gustin, a content strategy manager for Tribune Media, contacted an unnamed source at Fox News and learned that the network is remaining silent on Twitter in protest against the platform for their dubious handling of the protest at Carlson’s home, which Gustin explained in a thread of multiple tweets.

The source noted that when Fox News complained to Facebook about the posted videos of the protest, the platform promptly responded by deleting the posts. But Twitter executives dragged their feet and allowed the posts — which, again, publicly featured Carlson’s home address — to remain on the platform for several hours.

Fox News has not made any official pronouncement regarding the apparent protest against Twitter, but Gustin’s source said the decision to refrain from posting on the platform came “from the highest level” of the network.

The source further indicated that the protest of silence would persist until Twitter had fully removed the posts in question and issued a public apology for how they handled the situation.

Twitter blackout

Gustin noted that there may be some exceptions to the blackout rule for “breaking” news stories.

Other Fox News-affiliated Twitter accounts, such as the one for the show Fox & Friends, have continued to post updated on the platform.

In a follow-up tweet on Saturday to his Thursday thread, Gustin referenced an internal email he’d obtained from managing editor Greg Wilson that instructed his entire digital team to “refrain from tweeting out our content from either section accounts or your own accounts until further notice.”

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It remains to be seen if the self-imposed blackout on Twitter by Fox News will achieve the desired effect of getting an apology out Twitter for their mismanagement of the Carlson situation.

Regardless, this is just the latest example of Twitter’s partisanship. They routinely crack down on conservative accounts and users for the most marginal violations, while allowing leftist accounts and users to make full use of the platform in ways that massively violate the terms of service agreement — often with minimal or no consequences.

What a disgrace.

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