Fox News shuns Eric Swalwell’s town hall request

Fox News has been courting all the major 2020 contenders for Town Halls recently. However, there is one candidate that Fox chose to ignore.

Since Fox did not reach out to California Democrat Eric Swalwell, he reached out to them … and was told “No thanks.”

Slap in the Face

Fox News has already done town halls with several of the front running candidates as well as candidates with name recognition.

Those candidates may not be in the race for long, but people are definitely interested in what they have to say, or so Fox thought.

Recently, Fox News tried to get Sen. Elizabeth Warren to do a town hall, but she shot them down.

Swalwell must have thought that would make it a good time to reach out to Fox News, but he could not have been more wrong.

This is all about ratings and interest, neither of which Fox would get with a Swalwell Town Hall.

Swalwell seemed confused as to why Fox would not want him, though. He stated, “I would absolutely do a Town Hall.”

“But they told us we can’t have one, which is a little bit confusing to us because they have given them to people who are polling at the same place as us,” he added.

That is more than likely why Fox News is NOT giving him one, because they already realized there is zero interest in the bottom feeder candidates.

Front Runners

Let’s face facts here; this race is Biden’s to lose at this point. The former Vice President is doubling his closest competitors in virtually every poll right now.

Behind Biden, there is Sanders, Harris, and Warren. After that, they are just placeholders on the ballot.

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