Fox News’ John Roberts blasts Biden White House for ignoring White House correspondent Peter Doocy

There were plenty of newsworthy moments during President Joe Biden’s first official press conference since taking office. Aside from many of his train-wreck moments, perhaps one of the most notable headlines is the fact that Biden didn’t take a single question from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy.

According to Mediaite, that didn’t sit well with a number of Fox News hosts, with some taking subtle jabs at the Biden administration for ignoring the network while others, like host John Roberts, ripped into White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s excuse for her boss not taking a question from Doocy.

Fox News was the only major media network not called on during Biden’s press conference, with many speculating that it was a calculated risk, given that Doocy’s questions would have presumably been the toughest questions in the room.

What did he say?

Roberts, who before landing a spot co-hosting his own Fox News morning show was the network’s chief White House correspondent, was clearly upset at Psaki, who, when questioned on why Biden didn’t take a question from Doocy, attempted to justify the decision.

Psaki attempted to downplay the controversy by telling Doocy at a later press briefing that she often took his questions and that Biden has taken his questions in the past.

Doocy reminded Psaki that he often has to literally shout his questions at the president and is often the last person to be called on for anything related to the president. He also asked Psaki if not taking questions from Fox News is now “official administration policy,” a statement which Psaki immediately dismissed while complimenting Doocy’s socks.

The exchange between Psaki and Doocy was played during Roberts’ new show, America Reports, with Roberts offering commentary on what he believes is going on.

“Absolute hogwash!”

Roberts, after replaying the exchange, said, “Can I offer an opinion here? Like, do I have clearance?”

At that moment, the usually calm, cool and collected Roberts held nothing back as he battered the Biden administration and its communications team for the obvious snub and the excuse provided by Psaki afterward.

“Absolute hogwash! He has never been on the list, he has only gotten questions when he’s shouted them at the president. The president has said on occasion, ‘You know what, you always ask me the tough questions, but I like you, so go ahead, bring it on.’ He has not been on that list,” Roberts said.

Roberts went on to point out that even though former President Donald Trump had intensely rocky relationships with networks like MSNBC and CNN, the 45th president routinely called on them during press events, knowing full well that tough — if not outright vicious — questions were coming his way.

Only time will tell if Doocy ever gets his first shot at hitting the new president with non-softball questions, but given how poorly Biden performed during his first presser, it might be a very long time before that chance comes around.

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