Fox News dominates cable ratings, Tucker Carlson claims top spot

In the weeks following November’s presidential election, Fox News took a hit in the ratings as many viewers fled to smaller, more conservative networks like Newsmax TV and One America News.

According to the media giant, however, concerns about its performance appear to be in the past with data showing that Fox News dominated its competitors during the month of April — led by Tucker Carlson Tonight, which ranked as the top-rated cable news program.

Solid numbers across the board

So far this month, Fox News has attracted an average primetime viewing audience of 2.2 million, easily the most-watched of all basic cable programming.

In a distant second was MSNBC, which registered 1.6 million average primetime viewers. HGTV rounded out the top three with an average audience of about 1.2 million.

As for total viewers, Fox News also dominated that category, finishing with an average of 1.2 million.

No other basic cable network managed to hit the seven-figure mark, with the closest being MSNBC’s 953,000 average.

Host Tucker Carlson earned the honor of becoming the most-watched program in the cable news sphere with his weeknight program. His often controversial broadcasts attracted an average of more than 3 million viewers per show.

Other networks struggle

Following behind him was The Five, which registered 2.7 million average viewers, surprising some in the industry given its late-afternoon timeslot. Despite its less desirable spot in the schedule, its ratings beat out all of the primetime shows on both CNN and MSNBC.

Carlson also managed to attract the most viewers within the coveted 25-54 age range, bringing in an average of 523,000 per episode and likely cementing his job security even as critics clamor for him to be kicked off the air.

As for the rest of the Fox News Channel lineup, it claimed four of the five top cable news spots. In addition to Tucker Carlson Tonight, they included HannityThe Ingraham Angle, and The Five. MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show rounded out the list.

CNN continues to struggle as it was unable to claim any slot within the top 15. Its top performer, The Lead with Jake Tapper, came in at 17th on the list. Host Don Lemon, who enjoyed decent ratings during the Trump administration, averaged just 895,000 viewers and did not even crack the top 35, finishing well behind many daytime programs that typically land much lower on the list.

While Fox News might have seen a temporary slide in viewership, recent numbers make it clear that the network is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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