Fox News’ Juan Williams, Jesse Watters battle over Trump ‘foreign dirt’ comments

Fox News talking head Juan Williams finally thought he had co-host Jesse Watters right where he wanted him.

After trading barbs over the most recent Trump comments, with Williams thinking he had the upper hand, Watters devastated him by stating: “I never think that. That’s never happened.”

The Debate

The discussion of the day on The Five was regarding Donald Trump’s recent polarizing ABC interview. Williams, earlier in the week, had been critical of Trump for saying he would take information from a foreign government if it were offered to him.

Williams, like most Democrats, believes the statement proves Trump did something wrong in 2016.

When Trump clarified the comments during his ABC interview, he stated that if he thought something was wrong, he would send the information over to the FBI.

Williams said: “Today, he backpedaled and he says to the American people, of course, I wouldn’t take dirt on my opponent. I’m thinking Jesse must think, yeah, I guess Juan was right.”

Watters was quick to rebuke.

“I think he said the other day, I would listen and maybe I would give it to the FBI. You still have not been able to answer the fact that Hillary paid for the foreign dossier,” Watters said. “Trump never paid for anything, never got anything. Hillary got it and paid for it.”

Always Ignoring the Real Facts

That exchange between Williams and Watters pretty much sums up the tunnel vision of Democrats these days.

They all want to slam Trump for just saying one thing, but completely ignore the fact Hillary actually took action on it in a much more incriminating manner.

You cannot possibly be upset at Trump’s comments if you found no fault in Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) buying the Steele dossier. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) brought up the same subject this week while appearing with Judge Jeanine Pirro.

He practically begged just one Democrat who is criticizing Trump to acknowledge there was something hinky about Hillary getting a report from a former British spy — but we all know that will never happen.

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