Fox News pressured to stop holding Democrat town halls

Dennis Michael Lynch has been on a “rampage” against Fox News for giving 2020 Democrat candidates airtime, and it might actually be working.

Lynch recently released a video saying the pressure he and his followers are putting on Fox may cause the network to cancel plans to do more Democrat town hall events.

Stop Giving Dems Airtime

Fox News has been on the Democrat hitlist for years.  President Barack Obama openly attacked the network and liberals have accused them of being openly biased for Trump.

Mind you, the network has a prominent liberal anchor, Shepard Smith, who takes shots at Trump every chance he gets.

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile is also employed by the network, along with several other high-profile liberal pundits. They all have prominent voices and they are all very critical of Trump.

Even so, Fox News has developed a reputation as a conservative network because it actually gives airtime to both sides of the argument and has personalities that actually support this president.

As a measure to make itself even more fair and balanced, Fox News opted to hold town halls for presidential candidates on the Democrat side since the DNC prohibited Fox from holding debates. This move did not exactly go well for Fox News.

Fan Outrage

Dennis Michael Lynch immediately started calling out the network over the town halls and Fox viewers blew up social media about it.

To make matters worse, Fox News stuffed the town halls with liberals that really offered no resistance to the candidates.

People like Bernie Sanders got a little too comfortable, in fact, by blasting the network right to the hosts’ faces. Fox simply looked foolish and this madness must be stopped, according to DML.

Fans were also upset that the only network that gives Trump a fair shake was taking up air time that could have been devoted to real news to push these Democrat candidates.

Will it work? Only time will tell, but at least DML got their attention!

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